Founded in 2014, Poet's Country is an interdependent, international journal of arts and literature and reading series based in New York City.

All inquiries and correspondence, not including submissions, should be directed to editors@poetscountry.com

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Poet's Country  is a post-national, variating-format journal of lyric, narrative, and philosophical writing slated to span a limited run from 2017 to 2067. The project consists of 100 biannual physical issues and a retrospective exhibition of the journal at its completion in 2067. Guided by the Constitution of Poet’s Country, the editors are independent seekers of material that meets their standards in relation to this project. 

In response to the catastrophic disregard for human life executed by nation-states, Poet’s Country is assembled to propose potential landscapes of humane existence. It understands humanity as part of an ecology, and in the service of providing personal and communal dwelling spaces, reclaims from abuse the concept of a “country.” We offer our content as evidence of: ethical and intellectual rigor, regardless of aesthetic tradition; acts of courage resulting from an intuitive art practice regardless of commercial aim; lyric, narrative, and philosophical projects balancing compassion with critique and arising as much from play as from strategy of design.

Poet's Country is a proud member of The Community of Literary Magazines & Presses and is fiscally supported by Bowery Arts and Science and the generous support of our readership.



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